Advantages and Highlights Of Using Lawsonia Henna

  1. Lawsonia Henna is a natural dye and may be applied on hands, hair, body and feet. It is harmless to all kinds of skins and free from any allergic reactions.
  2. It is got several God gifted medicinal properties.
  3. Inadition to strengthening the roots Lawsonia Henna makes hair attractive, shiny and manageable. 4. It is a natural remedy & treatment for hair falling and unhealthy hair. 5. It also preserves and protects hair from dandruff and scurf. HOW TO APPLY HENNA LAWSONIA
  4. For long & thick hair make a paste of 100 gram of Henna in a 3.5 deciliter of hot water. Add two teaspoon of cooking oil as well. Take half of the above mentioned quantity for thin or short air.
  5. Let the Henna paste stand for half an hour in the bowl. Then apply it with brush or finger uniformly on hair from roots to ends.
  6. Wear rubber or plastic gloves while applying Henna paste on hair, so that the fingers may not be dyed.
  7. After applying the paste cover the head with a plastic cap if household work has to be resumed
  8. To acquire deeper and sharp colour, let the paste remain on hair or hands a little longer.
  9. Wash the hair, by using a mild shampoo, until water runs clear.