About Us

Lawsonia & Co. was formed in 1984, after long research and market survey to fill gap of premium quality natural henna with 100% purity. Our commitment and dedication to provide a product with excellent quality and outstanding performance with 100% purity and free from all hazardous substances and to aware our valued customer about the facts which normally vendors do not reveal them.

We feel proud that we have successfully achieved our goals and objectives and satisfying our customer’s needs and wants. Our brand loyal customers are the symbol of our success. Premium quality Henna Lawsonia is well popular in Scandinavian countries, north America and Europe.

We are the only Henna manufacturer who fulfill the highest standard of Apotek Govt. 960 stores in Sweden and successfully serving for the last 18 years.

Efforts will always be continued to maintain the standard of the product and to come up to the expectations of buyers.